SiZer™ 1500 bp/ 50 Kb DNA Marker


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50 kb DNA Marker is composed of 17 individual DNA fragments which are re-dissolved instorage buffer.

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90 disponibles

The50 kb DNA Ladder has a number of proprietary plasmids which are digested tocompletion with appropriate restriction enzymes to yield 17 bands suitable for use asmolecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis.The 50 kb DNA Ladder wasdesigned for qualitative and approximately quantification of DNA mass. There are nounspecific bands besides the fragments. The 3000 bp fragment is used a reference band.

Usage:max. 1 μg/lane

Concentration:200 μg/ml

Storage Buffer:10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0),1.0 mM EDTA, 50mM NaCl

Tracking Dye:6X DNA Loading dye as separate vial included

Number of bands: 17 fragments

Loading:0.5-max. 1.2 μg/ lane in 0,8-2.5 % Agarose. We recommend to addtheloading dye in amount 1/10 from the DNA Ladder volume.

Transportation:shipped on blue ice or room temperature

Storage:at-20°C for24 months.

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