Mini Incubador Con Calefacción Gilson

With built-in digital temperature control, the Digital Mini Incubator allows you to accurately set the internal temperature without an external thermometer. Two models are available for heating only or heating and cooling, both with small footprints that accommodate large flasks.


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1 disponibles


The Digital Mini Incubator uses digital temperature controls to set and monitor the internal chamber temperature with improved accuracy over external thermometers and analog controls. The large LED panel displays the internal temperature for quick review. Two models are available:
• Heat only – temperature range of +5°C−60°C
• Heat and cool – temperature range of -15°C−60°C


The Digital Mini Incubator accommodates 2 L flasks in a small footprint that saves benchtop space. It includes two removable shelves and has a built-in internal universal outlet for connecting other instruments such as small shakers.

Weight 1.4Kg/3lb.
Dimensions 27.5×15.2×16.5 cm (10.8×6.0x6.5 in.)
Power Voltage 100V-240V/50-60Hz/0.25A/5W
Speed 1 to 70 rpm
Capacity 6x50mL/20x15mL/44×1.5-2.0mL
Operating Temperature 4°C-65°C
Total Quantity 1
Packsize Unit Quantity 1
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Nominal Volume No
Packsize Unit No
Channels No
Volume Range No
Ejector Type No
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