Descontaminación de Bromuro de Etidio

Essential for EtBr decontamination in laboratory such as space and equipment surface, vitreous instrument surface.

Pack 400ml (2x200ml)

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Essential for Bromuro Etidio decontamination in laboratory such as space and equipment surface, vitreous instrument surface .

• Efficiency : Quickly remove EtBr and SYBR series dye
• Economical : Refillable spray type allows control of pollution source at low cost
• Safety : Demonstration of blocking effect on mutagenicity through AMES Test
• Simplicity : Easy to spray and wipe

EtBr Wiper is an indispensable product used to decontaminate Bromuro Etidio (EtBr) in the laboratory, such as the surfaces of space and equipment, and the surface of microscopic instruments. Ethidium bromide (EtBr), the most commonly used dye for DNA electrophoresis, has very strong genotoxicity and is classified as a mutagenic or carcinogenic substance in humans. To this end, many researchers are doing their utmost to take care of the separation and handling of the handling space There is a lot of difficulty to control the invisible pollution that occurs in the environment such as the glassware and the glassware. Of course, we use RedSafe ™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution (Cat. No. 21141), a replacement for EtBr, but we do not give up EtBr according to your experimental environment and preferences. For these researchers, EtBr WiPER is a Lab Well-being product that can completely remove EtBr by spraying and wiping it with contamination source. This product quickly and efficiently decomposes EtBr into the human body as hypoallergenic. It is also very easy to spray and wipe to control the lab’s long-suffering EtBr. This product is suitable for the experimental space such as the table where EtBr is contaminated.

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Applications


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G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Technical Data

Penetrates Agarose Gel to degrade Bromuro Etidio


Gel Removal of etched Bromuro Etidio, etc.: It is completely removed 30 minutes after 3 times spray on the gel surface.

Remove contamination in surface


Effective decomposition of Bromuro Etdio is possible only by spraying not only on general instrument surface but also on absorbent surface.

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