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MINIE-135 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Unit is a one-body electrophoresis Unit, which has compact design, stable performance, easy operation and good reproducibility and cost performance. On one hand, unique design, it assure the uniformity of electric field in unit. On the other hand, as the bubble produced by platinum electrode is separated, buffer PH has good stability. It is widely used in chemical field, ideal for teaching, scientific research, food and medical treatment. Horizontal gel electrophoresis unit is mainly used for separation and test of nucleic acid.



1 disponibles


1 disponibles

1、New and unique appearance, mini and portable; The electrophoresis tank and power can be separated.

2、The cover with safey design, flip cover immediately power off, to ensure safety;Transparent cover+ open hole

design, easy to heat dissipation and observation; Top handle design, easy to pick and place.

3、One-key select 135V, 100V, 70V, 50V, 35V, 25V, 18V seven desired output voltage, convenient and efficient,

saving standby consumption.

4、Specially designed Electrophoresis shape, reducing the temperature difference between the buffer, while the heat

benefit is improved. Put the gel into a limited position without drift.

5、With the pause function, timing function, can leave after press the start button, with Alarm function, buzzer alert

at the end.

6、Highlight digital tube displays the set parameters, default remember the output voltage and time Settings of the

previous operation.

7、When the electrophoresis current exceeds the peak current, will automatically adjust the voltage to reduce the

current value, improve the experimental reproducibility.

8、Equipped with variety of specifications of gel trays / combs, compatible with a variety of experimental needs,

compatible with high-throughput electrophoresis and multi-channel pipette operation.

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