Agitador Magnetico c/Sonda Temperatura

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio 80-1800 RPM con plataforma de ceramica de 137mm diam. y sonda de temperatura y capacidad maxima de 20 Litros.




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1 disponibles

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio

1. Using specially made ceramic disc heating surface, beauty, anti-corrosion

and easy to clean.

2. Unique heating method, the surface maximum temperature can reach 340 ° C。

3. PID for temperature control, high accuracy of measurement, low overshoot,

single button control, Inner and outer PT1000 thermometry. Silicon controlled

rectifier for output. With couple broken protection function.

4. The stirring function can be used for heating and stirring 50ml-20L standard or

non-standard reaction bottles.

5. Brushless DC motor, stable performance, low noise, long life and no sparks.

6. Adopt aluminum alloy shell, high strength, quick heat dissipation, anti – corrosion.

7. 30 ° slope control panel, suitable for seated and standing point of view.

8. Magnetic stirring technology, low speed steady, high speed strong.

9. Adopts 4.3-inch color screen holographic display, which is convenient and intuitive.

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio

Model TP-350+
Platform size Φ137mm
Platform Material Enamel
Speed Range 80~1800
Temp. Range Room temperature +5℃~340℃
Temp. setting range 30℃ ~340℃
Temp. stability ±3℃
Time Range 1min ~99h59min
Stirring Point Quantity 1
Max. Stir Capacity 20L
Max. Size of Stirrer Stick 80mm
External Interface Temp. Sensor PT1000
Adjustable Safety Loop Min. Temp 50℃
Adjustable 350℃
Voltage AC 220V/ AC 110V, 50/60Hz
Power 600W
Fuse 250V, 4A/8A, Ф5×20
Dimension(W.D.H) W.160 x D.270 x H.90mm
Net weight 2.4kgs
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