Agitador Magnetico para Liquidos Viscosos

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio MS-40 Digital Overhead Stirrer is suitable for middle and high viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture. It is mainly used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, physical and chemical analysis, petrochemical, cosmetics, health products, food, biotechnology and so on.




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1 disponibles

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio, especial para Liquidos Viscosos


1. Anti-spill samples, smooth start, effectively prevent spilling.

2. LED with backlit displays real-time speed and torque. It is convenient and accurate for readings, easy to operate.

3. Precise control speed. Control accuracy is±3rpm. Accurately display the actual speed actual value / set value.

4. Constant speed.Torque can be adjusted automatically according to the change of sample viscosity to keep the set speed.

5. Full explosion-proof equipment. Explosion-proof DC brushless motor to ensure lab safe.

6. Closed shell to prevent liquid from entering the machine interior for corrosion circuit, ensure safe operation. Long time continuous and stable operation.

7. Overload protection and motor protection. When overload, short circuit and abnormal speed occur, it will cut off the circuit and  alarm automatically  to ensure safe running and lab safety.

8. Clockwise & counterclockwise stirring exchange mode. Stirring effect is better.

Agitadores Magneticos de Laboratorio, especial para Liquidos Viscosos

Model   MS-40
  Max Stir Capacity (H2O)   40L
  Speed Range   50 ~2200rpm
  Speed Control Accuracy   ±3rpm
  Speed Display Accuracy   ±1 rpm
  Time Range   30s ~999min
  Max. Torque   60 N.cm
  Max. Viscosity   50000mPas
  Drill Chuck Clamping
Diameter Range
  0.5 ~10mm
  RS232 Connector   yes
  Voltage   VD 24V, 50/60Hz
  Power   130W
  Dimension (WxDxH)   83 x 220 x 186mm
  Net Weight   2.8kgs
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