Espectofotometro Micro Volume ADN/ARN


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Para análisis de ácidos nucleicos, cuantificación de ADN, ARN, de proteínas y pureza de la muestra.
Pantalla táctil a color de 7”. Memoria 32 Gb.
Long. de onda: 230 nm, 260 nm, 280 nm, 320nm.
Gran rango de concentración: 2-2000 ng/ul. dsDNA.
Gran reproducibilidad y repetibilidad.
Fácil de usar, sólo pipetear y medir.
Volumen de muestra: mínimo: 2 ul.
Resultado en menos de 5 segs.
Puerto USB, Impresora incorporada



1 disponibles

Espectofotometro Micro Volume

Espectofotometro Micro Volume MaestroNano Pro is a whole new technology of optical system design of micro volume spectrophotometer.

There is NO optical fiber needed, moreover, with the vertical slide design that the sample measuring area is also more durable and stable.

MaestroNano Pro has a reliable measurement range of concentration from 2 to 2000 (ng/μL) and has a great resistance for the interference

of ambient light to get more accurate measurement.



Measurement Sample Size2 ul
Measurement Data Output(A)OD230nm, OD260nm, OD280nm, OD320nm
(B)Sample concentration (ng/ul)
(C)OD260nm/OD230nm, OD260nm/OD280nm
Minimum Concentration2 ng/ul (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration2,000 ng/ul (dsDNA)
Light Propagation MaterialQuartz glass
Absorbance Range (10mm)0.04 ~ 40
Pathlength~0.5 mm
Measurement Time< 5 sec
Operation SystemAndroid OS (ver. 4.4.3)
LCD Resolution7 inches, 1024(W)X 600(H) dots matrix
Light SourceXenon flash lamp
Internal Storage32GB
Data Output InterfaceThermal printer
Data Connection interface1. Wi-Fi X 1 (USB dongle)
2. OTG USB X 1 (connected to PC to access)
3. Ethernet X 1 (RJ-45)
4. USB X 2
MaintenanceAuto diagnosis, Calibration Program,
Fix pathlength
Operating Voltage12 V
Dimensions26(W) X 26(D) X 20(H) cm
Weight4.2 Kg


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