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GELATO™ Sistema de Electroforesis y Visualización

GELATO™ integra electroforesis en gel y un transiluminador de luz azul para que pueda ejecutar, ver, ajustar y cortar bandas, ¡todo en un solo sistema!

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GELATO™ Sistema de Electroforesis y Visualización

GELATO™, un sistema de electroforesis en gel de grado profesional con un transiluminador de luz azul integrado. Con el sistema GELATO™, puede separar ácidos nucleicos a una velocidad ultrarrápida, vea instantáneamente bandas llamativas, tome fotografías y corte bandas directamente en su banco. Todas en un solo dispositivo! Obtenga resultados con calidad de publicación en un espacio compacto que ahorra espacio.


  • Ultra-fast, high-capacity system – run up to 50 lanes at a time
  • Built-in power supply with adjustable voltage settings 50-135 volts
  • Multi-channel compatible
  • Compatible with commonly used buffers: TAE, TBE, SB, etc.
  • Timer function
  • Safety feature including automatic current shut-off when cover is removed


  • Integrated transilluminator for real-time DNA visualization
  • High-intensity LED panel for eye-popping bands
  • Safe blue light compatible with safe nucleic acid stains including RedSafe™GelGreen®, SYBR®


  • Direct on-bench image capture
  • Fold-a-View™ photo documentation hood included – a portable, foldable darkroom!


  • Orange goggles and cutting tray included
  • Adjustable light intensity for safe, direct gel excision
  • Compatible with downstream applications
  • Electrophoresis power console
  • Built-in transilluminator
  • Light-filtering buffer chamber with platinum electrodes
  • Cover with DNA visualization filter
  • AC power cord (US style, others available upon request)
  • Casting platform with room for 3 gel trays
  • Two small casting trays (60 mm x 60 mm), two large casting trays (120 mm x 60 mm)
  • Four double-sided combs (two 18 + 13 wells and two 26 + 25 wells)
  • Fold-a-View™ photo documentation hood
  • Gel excision kit including gel-cutting tray and DNA visualization goggles
  • ClearView™ Spray and lens cleaning cloth
  • Sample-sized GelGreen® Agarose Tabs™: 2 all-in-one tabs (agarose, GelGreen®, TBE)

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