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i-genomic Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit

Spin type product for extracting high yield and purified DNA easily from Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi

10 Tests.

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12 disponibles


12 disponibles

Designed for clinical research, it is a high-performance spin-type product that can be applied to extraction of trace amounts of DNA (pg level) present in various kinds of samples.

• Detection of Gram (-) pathogens present in very small quantities in samples as well as human and animal DNA extraction from the majority of clinical research samples.
• Provide specific usage for easy extraction by anyone
• Excellent lysis efficiency, allowing rapid dissolution of tissue walls and rapid extraction of DNA from various clinical samples
• The Binding Carrier is applied to minimize the DNA loss that can occur during the binding process, thus extracting a trace amount of nucleic acid.
• Removal of various inhibitors present in contaminated samples is effective for down-stream application
• Provides reliable and reproducible DNA extraction by providing optimized protocols (total 8 kinds) for each sample
• Provide specific usage for easy extraction by anyone​

i-genomic ™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit is a Clinic DNA Extraction designed to easily and quickly extract genomic DNA from blood, blood, tissues, fixed tissues, microbial cultures, tissue fluids, swabs, Binding Carrier is applied to this product and it is effective not only for the purification of DNA in trace amounts but also for strong Lysis / Binding efficiency, so it can be used for gum, cigarette butts, fingerprints, nails, hair, It is possible to effectively dissolve samples such as hair and bones except hair follicles, which provides optimal results for gene detection studies. This product has superior extraction efficiency compared to competitors’ products not only in Korea but also overseas. It uses binding carrier which does not affect down-stream application, so it is easy to use separated DNA. In addition, it is possible to extract DNA of whole blood without separate erythrocyte removal step, and it is able to perform various sample processing performance. In addition, the optimal protocol for extracting each sample is presented so that anyone can easily extract it and obtain reliable.

Table 1.Protocols of i-genomic™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit

The i-genomic ™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is a specialized extraction product (see Figure 1) that is able to efficiently extract genomic DNA from specific samples. We identify the specific elements of a particular sample and provide specialized tools such as removal of Lysis Buffer and inhibitor for each sample. Therefore, i-genomic ™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit products are designed to be able to reproduce highly reproducible samples with specific protocols by extracting genomic DNA with high yield and high purity. In addition, all products in the i-genomic ™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit have significantly reduced contamination concerns by using the CAPS method to individually pack the columns used for efficient pathogen research (see Figure 2). . Therefore, the i-genomic ™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is a specialized product that can be applied to various fields such as SNP genotyping, RAPD analysis, AFLP analysis, RFLP analysis


Picture 1. Six kinds of i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kits


Picture 2. Spin Column & CAPS Information

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Applications

    * DNA hybridization : Southern blotting, microarray
    * Cancer research
    * Gram negative bacterial research
    * Paternity Research
    * SNP / Allele Research
    * Very Sensitive Detection Assay : PCR, real time PCR
    * DNA hybridization : Southern blotting, microarray​

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Kit Contents

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Technical Data

Comparison of detection ability against clinical microorganisms

After extracting gDNA from various biological swabs using the i-genomic ™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit, we observed the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the DNA. As a result, we were able to confirm the positive detection rate higher than the products for other companies’ fine

Comparison of DNA extraction efficiency for various micro samples

Genomic DNA was extracted from various micro samples (fingerprint swabs, gums, nails, hair, blood swabs, etc.) using the i-genomic ™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit. Real time PCR analysis of the extracted DNA with primers and probes specific for Rnase P gene showed that the lower Ct value (higher yield compared to competitor’s product when using the i-genomic ™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit) ). The Y axis on the graph represents the relative yield as a reciprocal of the Log 10 Ct value.

STR analysis of DNA extracted from micro samples

Genomic ™ Clinic DNA Extraction Mini Kit was used to extract ordinary cigarette butts and contaminated cigarette butts from microscopic samples, and STR analysis was performed for human identification. PCR amplification products of each sample were appropriately diluted and electrophoresed with an ABI 3130XL Genetic Analyzer to detect and analyze the total of 15 STR loci on the autosomes. As a result, it was found that the genetic test was possible in both general samples and highly contaminated cigarette butts Of DNA can be identified. In other words, high yields and effective removal of inhibitors can be seen from contaminated samples containing trace amounts of genetic material.

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