MycoClean™ Mycoplasma Prevention Spray

Mycoplasma prevention spray of laboratory surfaces and apparaatus


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8 disponibles


8 disponibles

• Eradicates mycoplasma
• Non-corrosive an non-carcinogenic
• Convenient and stable
• Ready-to-use
Mycoplasma are known as common contaminants in cell cultures, virus stocks, and other cell-derived biologicals. Contaminated cultures must be isolated and destroyed quickly, to avoid cross contamination, one of the main reasons for mycoplasma contamination in cell culture laboratories. Especially contaminated lab equipment and lab surfaces cause the spread out of mycoplasma. Only frequent cleansing of all used surfaces and equipment can fight and avoid mycoplasma contamination in laboratories. MycoClean™ Mycoplasma Prevention Spray is an effective solution for reliable disinfection of laboratory surfaces and apparatus including clean benches, incubators, work benches, cell storage boxes and liquid nitrogen containers. MycoClean™ shows an excellent effectiveness against mycoplasma. Contamination-fee and clean surfaces can be achieved in single application.

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A test using the 6 mycoplasma species after multiplying them on the plate and compared with 70% EtOH (For each dish, The right half of the area was sprayed out by MycoClean). As a result, the area sprayed by MycoClean does not show any colony of mycoplasma. This test also have demonstrated that 70% EtOH which is generally used for removing is not effective to mycoplasma.

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