Power Carrusel Gilson Pipetman M

El soporte Power CARROUSEL ™ carga hasta cinco pipetas electrónicas: PIPETMAN® M o PIPETMAN M Connected, lo que garantiza un trabajo continuo y ofrece protección contra daños y contaminación.

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1 disponibles

Gilson Power Carrusel

The Power CARROUSEL™ Stand charges up to five electronic pipettes: PIPETMAN® M or PIPETMAN M Connected, guaranteeing continuous work while offering protection from damage and contamination.

Improved Efficiency

The Power CARROUSEL accommodates up to five pipettes, charging up to 80% of their capacity in one hour (100 percent in three hours).

Improved Organization

The rotating head of the Power CARROUSEL Stand provides quick access to pipettes while keeping your benchtop decluttered. Its slim design frees your bench space, and the unrollable cable is tangle-resistant.

Improved Protection

The Power CARROUSEL stores your PIPETMAN M pipettes out of harm’s way. Also the pipettes are stored vertically, preventing liquids from entering the shaft.

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