Canine Influenza virus Ag rapid test kit

High-purity i-Taq™ PCR core kit that displays stable and efficient DNA amplification regardless of template type and reaction conditions 94 KDa thermostable DNA polymerase

  • High purity Taq DNA Polymerase
    – Removal of E. coli -derived proteins and DNA that may act as PCR sources
  • Applicable to DNA from cloned DNA to human genomic DNA
  • Buffer optimization to show the best polymerase activity regardless of template type or reaction conditions
  • Pack Promo 5×500 units.Código: 25022-5



18 disponibles


18 disponibles

Background Information

Canine influenza (dog flu) is influenza occurring in canine animals. Canine influenza is caused by varieties of influenzavirus A, such as equine influenza virus H3N8, which in 2004 was discovered to cause disease in dogs. Because of the lack of previous exposure to this virus, dogs have no natural immunity to it. Therefore, the disease is rapidly transmitted between individual dogs. Canine influenza may be endemic in some regional dog populations of the United States. It is a disease with a high morbidity (incidence of symptoms) but a low incidence of death. A newer form was identified in Asia during the 2000s and has since caused outbreaks in the US as well. It is a mutation of H3N2 that adapted from its avian influenza origins.

LiliF CIV Ag rapid kit is very useful Lateral Flow ImmunoChromatograpic Assay kit to directly detect canine influenza virus from pharyngeal or nasal swab of canine.



Intended Use

• 개에 감염된 인플루엔자 바이러스를 검출


Kit Contents
No Contents 10 Tests / Kit
1 Test device 10 tests
2 FOB disposable bottle including sample diluent 0.5ml x 1ea
3 Cotton swab 10ea

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