High-purity i-Taq™ PCR core kit that displays stable and efficient DNA amplification regardless of template type and reaction conditions 94 KDa thermostable DNA polymerase

  • High purity Taq DNA Polymerase
    – Removal of E. coli -derived proteins and DNA that may act as PCR sources
  • Applicable to DNA from cloned DNA to human genomic DNA
  • Buffer optimization to show the best polymerase activity regardless of template type or reaction conditions
  • Pack Promo 5×500 units.Código: 25022-5



18 disponibles


18 disponibles

Background Information

It is a disease caused by bovine coronavirus infection which causes symptoms of diarrhea, decreased flow, weight loss. Cause coronavirus is an RNA virus belonging to crown coronaviridae. The most important pathway of infection is known as feces from cows and calves infected with bovine coronavirus, and these feces are transmitted through the mouths of individuals. It grows in chorionic epithelial cells of small intestine, and absorption power of small intestine becomes low. The main symptom is that when you are infected with bovine coronavirus, you have symptoms of severe black brown rash. In case of beef cattle, weight loss is decreased. In case of cattle, the flow rate is reduced from 50% to 80% in severe cases, accompanied by weight loss, and in severe cases, it is worsened to inability to stand. Depending on the individual, some symptoms of persistent infection may be seen, which are somewhat recovered and then become more severe. It has a short incubation period (about 20 hours) and usually occurs in calves (usually 4-6 weeks) older than 7 days. Infected individuals will experience severe yellow diarrhea with coagulated milk or dislodged mucosal tissue between two to four days. There is no special treatment for bovine coronavirus, and it is supplementary treatment to supply fluid or to prevent secondary infection of other pathogens. It is most important to inoculate the vaccine to prevent diarrhea, including bovine coronavirus. It is impossible to diagnose accurately by clinical symptoms alone, and various diseases and differential diagnosis are needed. Since feces in the early stages of onset contain a large amount of virus, it is necessary to detect viruses or genes directly in the feces or to try virus isolation using cultured cells However, since virus isolation through cultured cells requires a very long time, molecular diagnostics are required for rapid diagnosis.

The LiliF ™ BcoV RT-PCR Kit was designed to detect very rapidly and accurately the nonstructural proteins of bovine corona virus based on a genetic database. RT-PCR, (reverse transcription -Polymerase Chain Reaction) to amplify only specific genes, which is a very fast and reliable method.

Each tube in the kit contains polymerase, reverse transcriptase, dNTPs, 10x reaction buffer, RNase inhibitor, specific primers for detection, and tracking dye for hot start PCR, except templates for bovine corona virus gene specific amplification. It is very easy to add only distilled water and template for RT-PCR.


• This product is an in vitro diagnostic reagent for animals that is qualitatively detected by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to detect bovine coronavirus pathogens from small feces, swabs and exudates.

• That is, a product that can be diagnosed quickly by adding a positive control substance, DNase / RNase free water, supplied from the product from the viral RNA extracted from the viral fats using the virus gene extraction kit from the small feces, the swab and the exudate is.

• This product is optimized for a general purpose PCR machine with a 0.2 ml PCR tube thermal block and based on the bovine coronavirus genetic database, reaction products are formed by specific primers of bovine coronavirus After completion of the reaction, use an electrophoresis apparatus and agarose gel to check whether a band of target size is detected.

Intended Use

• IVD Reagents for molecular genetics for non-legally designed infectious pathogen by OIE.

• Permission No. 133-015 of Medical Devices for veterinary use authorized by Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of Korea

• This kit is developed, designed, and sold for IVD purpose.

• This product is research reagent of infectious disease for professional use to restrict the public use for animal diseases.

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