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Buffer de Carga 6X, Vial 10ml.

Two-color Loading Dye product that can confirm sample settling and visual development during DNA electrophoresis

Presentacion: Vial 10ml

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50 disponibles


50 disponibles

Buffer de carga (Loading Dye 6X)

• Visual two-color tracking of DNA migration during electrophoresis
– Bromophenol blue, using xylene cyanol FF
• Suitable for small size DNA analysis
• Easy-to-use products

Buffer de carga 6X Loading Dye Solution (XB) is a loading dye that is used together for sedimentation and expansion of the sample during DNA electrophoresis. The 6X Loading Dye solution (XB) contains two color dyes, namely Bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF, so that the degree of development of the sample can be visually confirmed during electrophoresis. Especially, since Bromophenol blue with low molecular weight is used, Is suitable for DNA electrophoresis analysis. In addition, it contains a dense glycerol solution and is supplied at a concentration of 6X.

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