Maxime™ RT PreMix (Random Primer)

Dried & aliquoted RT PreMix Kit for simple and rapid cDNA synthesis from prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA.

96 tubes

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67 disponibles

Dried & aliquoted RT PreMix Kit for simple and rapid cDNA synthesis from prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA.

• Excellent cDNA synthesis rate by OptiScriptTM RT System
• cDNA synthesis from a variety of RNAs by random primers
• Unnecessary for thermal pretreatment to solve secondary structure of RNA, possible for rapid reversibility
• Dried & aliquoted RT PreMix, All-in-one type
– All components for reaction in dried pellet in a tube
– Needed template and RNase free DW only for cDNA synthesis
• High stability and reproducibility
– Excellent reproducibility with dried & aliquoted PreMix by ALHP system
– Protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging

Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit (Random Primer) is a product that makes cDNA synthesis simple and fast from various RNAs such as prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. This product is a product that can perform cDNA synthesis process in 1 step in a PCR tube using PCR machine unlike conventional 2 steps cDNA synthesis (RNA denaturation, cDNA synthesis). Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit (Random Primer) contains all components (Random Primer, dNTP mixture, Reaction buffer, etc.) required for RT reaction including OptiScript™ RT System, and it is contained in each PCR tube with dried pellet state by ALHP system. Because of this, it is possible to remarkably reduce the experimental error in pipetting between the experimenters, so the reproducibility is very high. With vacuum packaging method, it has excellent stability of activity due to the oxidation and moisture prevention of major components in the product. In addition, this product can synthesize cDNA easily with template RNA and RNase free DW addition. This product contains random hexamer to easily apply to cDNA synthesis for various living organism RNA as well as eukaryotic RNA.

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Applications

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Kit Contents

Component in 20 ml reaction

• OptiScript™ RT System
• Reaction Buffer
• RNase Inhibitor
• Primer – Random Primer
• Stabilizer
• dNTP Mixture

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Technical Data

Comparison of cDNA synthesis performance with manual type

RNA from human was sequentially diluted from 1ug to one-third level, and cDNA was synthesized using Power cDNA Synthesis Kit, manual type cDNA synthesis kit, and Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit series. Then the efficiency of the synthesis was observed by PCR with Maxime PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq ). As a result, the Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit (Random primer) showed equivalent performance to the existing manual type, Power cDNA Synthesis Kit, and the sensitivity was also comparable to Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit (oligo dT15 primer).

PPanel A, p53 gene (218bp) amplification; Panel B, Interleukin -10 gene(IL-10, 1.1kb) amplification
A, Power cDNA Synthesis Kit; B, Maxime RT PreMix Kit(oligo (dT)15 Primer); C, Maxime RT PreMix Kit(Random Primer)
Lane M, DNA Marker; lane N, no template control

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