Miracle-Star™ Pico Western Blot Detection System

Higher sensitivity, faster reaction, stronger intensity for chemiluminescence Western Blot


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9 disponibles


9 disponibles

Products that can effectively detect up to pico grams

Protein is identified by the reaction of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) which bound to secondary antibody

Stable luminescence can be maintained by increasing duration time

High reactivity (with HRP) and reducing amounts of secondary antibody used.

The Miracle-Star ™ Pico Western Blot Detection System is able to detect pico-gram-level protein signals through chemiluminescence detection, a reaction of horseradish peroxidase (HRP), which is bound to secondary antibodies during western blotting. Western blot detection is a technique that is essential for research on the expression of target proteins. It uses antigen-antibody reactions to detect certain protein in whole protein. This Miracle-Star ™ Pico Western Blot Detection System consists of a Substrate solution and an Enhancer solution. Each solution is mixed at a ratio of 1: 1 and reacts with the membrane which is bound to the target protein and the primary and secondary antibodies. This luminescence reaction can be visualized using equipment with X-ray film or CCD camera.



This Miracle-Star ™ Pico Western Blot Detection System is highly sensitive to light and temperature. When storing and testing, please protect it from light. Also, do not use the same pipette tip for each solution because it can be contaminated when it mixed.



  • Western Blotting using chemiluminescence
  • When avidin-HRP is used, it can be applied to various blot (southern, northern) using biotin-avidine-HRP


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Technical Data

Comparison data for performance using Miracle-StarTM Pico Western Blot Detection System


The comparative performance using the Miracle-Star ™ Pico Western Blot Detection System showed that the same level of sensitivity with the same amount of sample (protein) and antibody, and reproducibility was showed through repeated experiments .

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