RealMOD™ Probe W² 2x qPCR mix

TaqMan Probe type, one-step RT-PCR product for quantitative PCR.

100 rxn.

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9 disponibles


9 disponibles

TaqMan Probe type, one-step RT-PCR product for quantitative PCR

• Products that perform cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR in one tube with RNA template
• Products with excellent activity due to lack of RNaseH activity that degrades RNA / DNA hybrid
• High specificity of hot-start DNA polymerase is applied to one-step RT-PCR
• High reproducibility and convenience in qRT-PCR experiments

The RealMOD™ Probe W2 2x qRT-PCR mix is a one-step qRT-PCR product using RNA. The RT-PCR Enzymes included in the product are RTase which is responsible for the reverse transcription reaction to synthesize cDNA from RNA and has MMLV RH (-) RTase. DNA polymerase, which is dedicated to PCR reaction to amplify a large amount of synthesized cDNA, has a hot-start function and is mixed with a composition showing optimal activity. This product is provided in 2x type, and reaction buffer, dNTP, and Mg2+ + required for one-step qRT-PCR reaction are combined in the optimum ratio, so users can analyze reproducible results. It is compatible with various real-time PCR equipment and can be used according to the capacity of each equipment.

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Applications

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Kit Contents

Wide Instruments Compatibility

The RealMOD™ Probe W2 2x qRT-PCR mix is designed for standard qPCR. The types of devices that can be tested using this product are as follows.

• Applied BioSystems : QuantStudio™ 12K Flex, ViiA™ 7, 7900HT, 7500, 7700, StepOne™ & StepOnePlus™
• Stratagene : MX3000P™, MX3005P™
• Bio-Rad : CFX96™ & CFX384™, iQ™5 & MyiQ™, Chromo4™, Opticon®2 & MiniOpicon®
• Qiagen : Rotor-Gene® Q, Rotor-Gene® 6000
• Eppendorf : Mastercycler® ep realplex2 & ep realplex4
• Illumina : The Eco™
• Roche : LightCycler®480

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Technical Data

Comparison data of performance by using RealMODTM Probe W2 2x qPCR mix

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