Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix


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Dried & aliquoted RT-PCR PreMix Kit for ONE-STEP RT-PCR accurate and fast with high sensitivity, specificity and amplification rate

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Dried & aliquoted RT-PCR PreMix Kit for ONE-STEP RT-PCR accurate and fast with high sensitivity, specificity and amplification rate

• Convenient One-step RT-PCR
– Only need to add RNA, gene specific primer and DW of an experimenter
• Sensitive cDNA synthesis and high specificity PCR amplification possible
• Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one product
– All components for RT-PCR reaction are in dried pellet in one tube
– Direct use for PCR by adding template and primer
– Gel loading dye is included for electrophoresis
• High stability and reproducibility
– Excellent reproducibility with dried & aliquoted PreMix by ALHP (Automatic Liquid Handling Platform) system
– Protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging
• High specificity and accuracy by hot-start function of Taq DNA polymerase

Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix Kit is a one-step RT-PCR product that synthesizes cDNA from RNA and amplifies it by PCR. It is a one-step RT-PCR product from cDNA synthesis to PCR amplification in one tube. The one-step RT-PCR method has the advantage of obtaining a higher specificity than 2 steps method, so it is a very useful method for the detection of trace amounts of infectious RNA in a sample. MaximeTM RT-PCR PreMix Kit includes all components (dNTP mixture, Reaction buffer, etc.) necessary for RT-PCR reaction including high-performance OptiScriptTM RTase and hot-start function i- StarTaqTM DNA Polymerase. Since it is supplied in dried pellet state in PCR tubes, it is possible to remarkably reduce experimental errors caused by pipetting among the experimenters. Therefore, the reproducibility is very excellent due to the oxidation and moisture prevention of the main components in the product. Therefore, RT-PCR can be performed at once by adding template RNA, specific primer set and RNase free water only. Gel loading buffer is included for gel loading without any other treatment.

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Applications

Maxime RT PCR PreMix

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Kit Contents

Maxime RT PCR PreMix

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Component in 20 ml reaction

  • OptiScript™ RT System
  • i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase
  • RT-PCR Buffer(10x)
  • dNTP Mixture
  • Stabilizer

G spin Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit  Technical Data

Observation of RT-PCR efficiency from high concentration RNA to low concentration RNA

Maxime RT PCR PreMix

After cDNA synthesis from 1mg RNA to 1ng RNA, PCR was performed using a housekeeping gene, GAPDH primer. In result, it was confirmed that our Maxime™ RT-PCR Premix Kit is superior to other products.

Lane M, Sizer™100 DNA marker solution; lane 1, 1 mg total RNA; lane 2, 100 ng total RNA; lane 3, 10 ng total RNA; lane 4, 1 ng total RNA

A product optimized for diagnostic research

Maxime RT PCR PreMix

Maxime™ RT-PCR Premix Kit was used to test various RNA viruses such as respiratory viruses for various diagnostic studies. From the results, it was confirmed that the product is optimized for diagnostic research due to its high sensitivity detection performance.

High quality stability and reproducibility

Maxime RT PCR PreMix

MaximeTM RT-PCR PreMix Kit were randomly selected from the latest batch to the batch produced one year ago, and subjected to an active comparative test. As a result, equivalent sensitivity and amplification performance were observed.

Panel A, IBRV virus detection; Panel B, hGAPDH detection

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